vegetarian chirashizushi

Vegetarian Chirashi Sushi – (Chirashizushi) There is a Japanese restaurant not too far from my apartment that makes delicious chirashi sushi (chirashizushi in Japanese) for lunch. We go there a lot because the quality of the fish is excellent and the prices are very reasonable… The lunch prices that is! Go there in the evening and…

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Edamame Hummus with Cilantro


Edamame Hummus with Cilantro Recipe Who knew you could do so much with edamame! For the longest time I used edamame the way it’s classically served in Japanese restaurants – boiled and lightly seasoned with salt. I knew edamame beans were healthy for me but couldn’t picture myself sucking on boiled, salted pods every day and so…

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Tiger JAJ-A Synchro-Cooking Rice Cooker Giveaway

Tiger JAJ-A Synchro-Cooking Rice Cooker Giveaway (1 Pink and 1 White JAJ-A) When I went to college, I went armed with a tiny, electric hot-pot – which did wonders for heating up water, and not much else. I made packets of instant ramen noodles and boxes of macaroni and cheese with abandon, and rounded out my collegiate diet…

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide It’s that time of the year when we stress about what to get for our loved ones this holiday season. Long lines, angry shoppers and cold weather can make for a frustrating time if you are shopping last minute! But buying gifts in December doesn’t necessarily have to be a stressful and unpleasant experience. I…

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