Sriracha Buffalo Sauce Recipe (with grilled cauliflower)

This quick sriracha Buffalo sauce recipe is spicy and tangy and goes well with grilled veggies and meats. Sriracha Buffalo Sauce Recipe (with Grilled Cauliflower) Who knew that a hot and tangy plate of grilled cauliflower served with a quick sriracha Buffalo sauce recipe would be just as good and satisfying as a Buffalo wings! I…

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Ramen Noodle Coleslaw Recipe


This is a quick and easy ramen noodle coleslaw recipe using dried ramen noodles, canned mandarin oranges and toasted almonds. Delicious! Ramen Noodle Coleslaw Got only 10 minutes to cook something yummy? Try this ramen noodle coleslaw recipe, I promise you won’t regret it! There are many different fun and tasty elements to this ramen noodle coleslaw recipe…

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Hunan Chicken Recipe


Hunan chicken is a popular Chinese-American dish made with tender pieces of chicken cooked with vegetables and tossed in a thick savory and spicy sauce.  Easy Hunan Chicken Recipe Good Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was very chilled and relaxing. I stayed mostly indoors to avoid the crushing heat outside as the first heat…

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