How to boil eggs

Written by: Ben Phelps


How to boil eggs

Hard or soft boiling an egg to perfection can seem like a bit of an enigma. Google how to boil eggs and you’ll be served up with tons of seemingly contradictory results and variations on cooking times. The silky taste and texture of a perfectly cooked egg tells us that it definitely can be done. How we get our desired results is the only factor. This method works best for us in our kitchen.

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how to boil eggs


What You’ll Need

4-6 eggs

Medium saucepan



  • Gently place the eggs in the saucepan
  • Fill with cool water to just above the tops of the eggs
  • Place the saucepan on to a burner and bring the water to a roiling boil
  • Once water is boiling, turn the heat completely off and cover

* For hard boiled eggs let stand in the water for 10 minutes

* For soft boiled eggs let stand in the water for 8 minutes

* For a runny yolk let stand in the water for 5 minutes

Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and place in an ice bath for 5 minutes to stop the cooking process (if ice is in short supply run the eggs under coldcoldcold tap water for the same effect)

Remove the shells and you’re good to go!

Add your perfectly boiled eggs to a salade niçoise, or just devour with a little salt and pepper. Or, if you’re feeling creative, try the recipe for Japanese flavor tea eggs or some spicy deviled eggs with a wasabi kick!

Pro tip – Caroline’s mom Hiroko, pokes a tiny hole in the shell of the egg with a needle just before cooking. This is said to alleviate pressure while cooking, so the shell doesn’t crack prematurely.


how to boil eggs





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