Spotted! Durian Ice Cream at Sky Ice

durian ice cream sky ice

Creamy and refreshing: durian ice cream from Sky Ice.

Let’s get this out of the way. Durian stinks. So much, in fact, that it’s illegal to take this pungent fruit on the train in Singapore – and you better not try to check into your fancy hotel in Bangkok with a cut durian in your plastic bag from your day spent roaming the markets. That’s a no-no.

Sky ice 3

Sky ice offers many other original flavors such as white miso, Thai tea and cucumber lime.

The intense smell is a deterrent to those who don’t like a little, shall we say…. funk… in their fruit. But some of us think it’s so good, it’s worth a trip to Kampot, Cambodia just for the good stuff. Then there are places like Sky Ice in Brooklyn, where owners Sutheera Denprapa and Kanlaya Chujit, both from Thailand, serve home made durian ice cream that tastes like the real thing.

Sky ice 10

Located at the corner of 5th avenue & St-Marks, Sky Ice remains busy from open ’til close.

Sky ice 6

Not only are their ice treats delicious, the staff is always welcoming and eager to please.

Sky ice 4

Sky Ice also has a full lunch and dinner menu.

The sweet and pungent notes this Thai ice cream shop manages to capture in their homemade ice cream pays great homage to the true nature of the durian fruit, while transforming it into something cool, refreshing and infinitely palatable. It’s a great jumping off point for anyone looking to try the taste of durian for the first time, but who may be unwilling to risk the reward of the spiky, stinky original. Get your bamboo spoon and dig in!

durian ice 600

Sky Ice is located at 63, 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY Written by: Ben Phelps

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